October 8, 2017

(From October 8, 2016)·
Poor Frankie. He's the Old Man of the tribe now. The first Old Man went off (and probably passed away) two winters ago. Frankie's always been a little punch drunk, like an old time boxer. Somewhere in his head he really wishes he was a house cat, but he knows he'll always be too feral and reluctant around people. However, he sits and watches 'his person' from time to time until my oh so exciting life calmly puts him to sleep.

(Update October 8. 2017)
Frankie disappears for long periods of time. Each time, I have to assume that nature got the better of him. Then, out of the blue, he'll show up for a day, eat, sun bathe and disappear again.
Something, somebody, somewhere is keeping him well off and that's fine with me. My theory is that, according to secret cat calendar, he shows up for the holidays (St Meow Meow Day, Meow Giving, 4th of Meow etc)