February 14, 2015

Outside Cat Town as of tonight, Friday, Feb 13. Gonna be close to 0 degrees and feeling like less. All units are lined with Mylar space blanket material and bedded with hay.   Old Man, Molly (Mrs Old Man), Frankie, new guy black cat who I just named Chad ('cause he looks like he's still in college). Spike and Lola ran off somewhere. They were VERY people friendly, so I think they got rescued. Sometimes asshole and his crew come 'round.
They get different kinds of dry cat food. water. chicken broth. gizzards. plain yogurt. I wish they'd understand that their combined body heat would help, but sometimes even Old Man and Molly are on the outs with each other. Probably his drinking.

Here's another song from that 1993 record release show that you know who requested.