July 29, 2015

Tickets are on sale for The Boom (the play I've been in exile to concentrate upon)! Here's the blurb (and the link):
"The Boom" is a play written by Vinnie Nardiello and directed by Mark Riccadonna that examines the life of a stand-up comic behind the stage. While usually we only see the personnae comics create for audiences, the majority of their lives is in fact spent away from the stage, in the form of travel or forced camaraderie with other comics. "The Boom" takes place entirely in a dilapidated comedy condo owned by Steel City Funny Factory in Pittsburgh, a place where the club crams comics to save money. Each week, a new group of traveling stand-up comics move into this condo where they live together, drink together and silently hate each other as they prepare for the evening's shows. The condo is claustrophobic, both literally and mentally and strong egos and glaring age differences collide beneath a facade of friendliness. 
Lighting: Holly Kirk 
Sound: Mike Jones 
Costumes: Joy L. Buglino 
Ray Messina: Dan Stern 
Buddy Darby: DJ Hazard 
Miranda: Kara Jackson 
“Big” Tim McGuinness: Richie Byrne 
Cara: Melissa Stokoski