December 2, 2019

Let No Stocking Go Unstuffed...

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Well, that's a heck of a sum since the moving parts in More Questions Than Answers are all multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-nice cats and kittens. 
Adrian Lee 
is a very entertaining podcast/radio show host. He also has created quite the pile (proper term, I looked it up) of thought-provoking books that range from his hands-on paranormal investigations to his treatises on even more metaphysical dynamics.
Heather Morris not only serves as MQTA's producer, sound engineer, and boots on the ground paranormal investigator, she will also astound you as an amazing FX artist and as a wonderful Madam Frankenstein giving life to some of the most lovingly crafted mad figurines. Perfect for those folks on your list who need to get their sense of wonder revived.