September 9, 2017

Space Monkey Update:
Okay, big news: It was time to see how Grem would do out of the cage. 
She hung around the yard for 5-10 mins. I kept calling her name every minute or so just to remind her I was there.
Then, while I was cleaning the cage, I looked up and she was gone. I looked around. No idea.
She came back once while some of the others were eating. She didn't join them but she remembered where the food was.
My heart was in my throat but this is how it works. There's always a chance a relocated feral may NEVER come back for a myriad of reasons. 
Then she came back again, on her own. I brought down the plate of really good food that was up by the cage.
She was already acting a little 'wilder'. Cautious. Keeping a distance. I didn't push it. But she knew what it meant when I brought down the other plate (then I went inside to watch).
It's key at this point to really lay out a spread of tasty food to help convince the relocated (and somewhat confused and overstimulated) feral that this is Outside Cat Headquarters.
Third time. I went upstairs to steal some of (house cat) Mimi's fussy fancy housecat food and put that out too.
I went to Food Dynasty to get a rotisserie chicken to share but they were all out. I got chicken and gravy baby food instead (this is like crack for cats... especially used in feral kitten training).
She was friendlier and excited to see me. she came up to the door to see me coming and didn't back off much.
I was accepting that this was how things were going to be. Then, as I was picking up the empty dishes... there's Gremnell back in her crate in her bed like nothing happened. 
 So, she's out there right now on the new 'front porch' of her house just as pleased with herself as she can be.
And, if you haven't seen enough cat pics on the internet, here's a quick revisit to the past month with the 10 feral cat rescues. After working with them in post op, all were adopted except for Gremnell, who I took in to care for myself with the rest of my outback tribe.