August 21, 2017

If you've been following along, I cared for a big gang of trapped feral cats. During post op recovery, all but three were taken for adoption. I took that three in to relocate them to my gang of cats out back. That starts with a halfway house pen on my back deck.

Since then, I've showed the powers that be that Grayson and Longwood (for medical records they're named after the street where they were found) had become very sweet and friendly. They were both adopted this past weekend.
That leaves Grimnell. She and Longwood had a tight bond, as I believe they were siblings twice or three times removed from different litters. Now she is all alone (except for me) and very sad.
She gets extra TLC starting today. Just enough as she hates me right now.

We will share a rotisserie chicken for lunch for starters.
(AUG 27)
Gremnell (her official medical record name) is getting more affectionate. Needless to say, she was a lot more playful before I grabbed the camera. W.C. Fields said, "Never work with children or animals".
Yeah yeah, it would have been hilarious for you all to see me get my hand ripped off.